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Listed below are fitting instructions for many popular parts.

Adobe acrobat reader is required to view these which can be downloaded here.

Freeway Controller GSP100555/GSP100560/GSP100620EBS

EDF Potentiometer GSP100590

Digital encoder GSP100630/GSP100635

Clutch replacement GSP100650/GSP100655

Old style Classic Controller GSP100665/GSP100750/GSP100755

EDF EBS Potentiometer GSP100735

Battery Lead GSP100810

HB Controller GSP100825

HB Potentiometer GSP100835

Battery Caps GSP101005/GSP101010/GSP101015

Dummy Clutch GSP100640

Jack Plug Socket GSP100615

Standard Classic Pot GSP100695

Handle Wire GSP100460,GSP100600,GSP100605

Legend Controller GSP100475

Compact Plus Pot GSP100845

Compact Plus Controller GSP100830

Freeway Gearbox GSP100777

Hill Billy Clutch GSP100405

Hill Billy Motor GSP100820,GSP100885

Standard PK Pot GSP100585

Prolific Serial to USB driver