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"L" Shaped Revo Gearbox Bracket Kit


£4.99 Ex Tax: £4.16


EBS Gearbox Suitable For PowaKaddy

Limited Slip Differential Gearbox suitable for the PowaKaddy Freeway with Electr..

£84.98 Ex Tax: £70.82


Gearbox Fixing Kit

This kit is the fitting kit for our gearbox. It is simpler to fit for the layman..

£1.28 Ex Tax: £1.07


Gearbox for Golfstream Duo

Gearbox suitable for the standard Golfstream Duo trolley - not the brake machine..

£40.00 Ex Tax: £33.33


Gearbox For Hill Billy Terrain

This is a replacement gearbox for the Hill Billy Terrain golf trolley. If you ne..

£41.50 Ex Tax: £34.58


Gearbox Suitable For Hill Billy

Replacement gearbox suitable for the older Hill Billy trolleys, NOT the newer Hi..

£40.00 Ex Tax: £33.33


Gearbox Suitable For The NEW Powakaddys

This purpose designed gearbox is for the newer PowaKaddy trolleys with the small..

£35.00 Ex Tax: £29.17


Greenhill 3 Pin Plastic G/Box to fit EMD Motor

This is a BRITISH made gearbox and has been used on Greenhill Golf Trolleys, thi..

£39.96 Ex Tax: £33.30


Greenhill Flange Mounted G/Box - EMD Motor


£40.00 Ex Tax: £33.33


Replacement Gearbox For Powakaddy

Replacement gearbox is a direct replacement for all standard Powakaddy Freeway a..

£50.00 Ex Tax: £41.67


Revolution EBS Gearbox 12mm


£85.01 Ex Tax: £70.84