Me and my Vision

Me and my Vision

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Photo send into us from customers in Sweden 


I bought this as an impulse buy when I saw it , as was impressed by the looks and features and as having bought spares from Golfstream in the past for my ageing Greenhill was confident I was buying from a company that put great store on great customer service...nothing a bother!

After using for 12 or so rounds well impressed.

1 quiet

2 light and easy assembly

3 great bag attachment

Early days but all in all great product from a great company.....well done.

RP - Northumberland


Having used a Hillbilly Golf Trolley for many years, due to its age the time came to replace it.  Sadly, Hillbilly is no longer Hillbilly, they have been taken over and the product is now very different.  I did quite a bit of checking what my friends had at the golf club, price was not an issue.  What I wanted was something very easy to use and reasonably light; my existing trolley was, for want of a better word, dying a death.  So I got on the internet, as you do, typed in quality motorised trolley as I wanted to do my research to see what was the best out there.  By shear accident I came across the Golfstream Vision.  I had never heard of them before so out of curiosity I pressed the button and up comes the Vision product, with a demonstration that was right up my street.  Just one action, not 3, 4, 5 or 6 like other products, needed to get the show on the road not only that it looked light.  I thought I would give it a go so I purchased one.  I already had my own battery so it was quite simple.  Like it said on the internet it couldn’t be easier to get going, one action to open, the golf bag sits securely, press the button and off I go.  I was delighted with my decision.

It is only when you have a problem you will find out what people are like, friends/family and of course the same applies to a supplier.  It is here that Golfstream really made a difference.  I have now been using the trolley for some time and it is absolutely perfect, easy to use, easy in and out of the boot of the car, you have to remember to grab it near the wheel, lightweight, meets absolutely all of my needs.

I can’t speak highly enough of the whole set up and I would not hesitate in recommending them to everyone.  There is no doubt this company will go from strength to strength and rightly so they deserve it.

TH - Birmingham


The trolley is very good. Quick and light, easy to unfold and get into the boot I could say more but instead I want to compliment the sales support team, the speed of decision making and implementation was amazing.

One day service, this could not be done by a normal bureaucratic company, so well done Golfstream. Innovative in trolley design and brilliant in customer service.

I will publicise this to all my golfing buddies.

MD - Oxfordshire


National Club Golfer Magazine competition winner!


After its first outing the trolley was fantastic and I am very pleased with it and a few people commented on it.

I am sure that with some exposure it will be a great success it is certainly the best powered trolley I have used. The fixed bag support is especially a plus.

Many thanks again and best wishes.

GD – Wales


My wife and I have purchased many electric golf trollies over the years most of which have ended up in our garage either in need of repair or defective. We have recently purchased two Golfstream Vision trollies and I can honestly say that they are the easiest to assemble from the car and to pack away after our games.  I have demonstrated the ease of use to fellow club members who were equally impressed. I also like the smooth and quiet performance of the motor and the trolley looks great. I thoroughly recommend the Golfstream Vision.

KJ - Norfolk


I just wanted to say how super impressed I am with the speedy & efficient service I've received from you & your staff.

NS – Fife


I would like to tell you how much I’m enjoying my new Golfstream Vision Trolley. I thought my Revolution Trolley was great however you have surpassed yourselves with the new Vision Trolley.

I find using it most comfortable, smooth and silent. Plus the innovation of the Easy View Screen details are quite unique.
You should feel most proud of the product which you have designed and produced. All the very best to you and you’re company for now and in the future.

CC - Kent


This is without doubt the best trolley I have owned. Unbelievably quiet and so easy to put up and down. I was sceptical about the screen but my word what a difference. Can’t recommend it enough.



I have been a user of a Golfstream trolley for several years, having purchased one of their Revolution models at launch.

I have used it successfully since then - only issues being wear and tear related. Those have always been handled immediately and efficiently by the guys at the factory near Ramsgate.

It has been an excellent and reliable trolley throughout.

So when I saw details of the new Vision I was originally undecided whether to switch or buy another Revolution.

Having seen the new Vision it was clear that it was definite move forward and I received it this week.

It is a superb machine – looks fantastic – state of the art electronics –silent and powerful motor all at a really competitive price.

A sure winner!

Well done Golfstream

AA – Kent       


I tried your ‘ Vision’ trolley this morning at Sene Valley Golf Club.

First impressions:-

1. Very stylish.

2. Easy to breakdown & assemble.

3. Golf bag fits perfectly

4. Wheels with the new rubber tyres look good and will cope with any conditions.

5. Handle, controls & visual display panel are exceptional.

6. Battery and running - very powerful and the trolley is so quiet it was a pleasure to use. (There is nothing worse than playing golf with someone using a noisy clanking trolley)

7. I found nothing negative to say about this, what I believe is a fantastic product.

BH – Hythe


I got out to play golf yesterday and I was excited to get to try out my Vision Trolley and it did not disappoint.  Right from the moment I took it out of the car it was of course SO simple to open,  it held my bag so securely and then it was so wonderfully quiet as I travelled through the carpark to get to the first tee.  I was so impressed with the trolley all the way around and then again when I went to put it into my car at the end there is a Wow factor when you simply press the main clip and that is it.

BN – Dublin


I have owned a Golfstream Revolution trolley for the last 4 years & although it was still in excellent working condition I decided to treat myself to a new golf trolley, it was a happy coincidence that I choose to do this just as you were launching your new Golfstream Vision trolley.

 I received my new Golfstream Vision trolley yesterday & used it for the first time today.

I am impressed with the screen which displays large numbers for the set speed & the screen display can easily be read even in bright sunlight.

I like the broad flat trolley handles which feel comfortable to grip & they seem quite robust despite being plastic.

The trolley was easy to manoeuvre & quiet in operation. The wheels are superb, all the benefits of a pneumatic tyre but without the possibility of punctures, the tyres gave an extremely smooth & quiet ride even over tarmac & gravel paths.

I was a bit cynical about how effective a magnet would be to hold the closed trolley together but ended up being impressed that the trolley could easily be lifted into a car without unfolding.

Obviously I can't comment on reliability at this stage however I have no concerns on that front having owned one of your electric trolleys in the past & knowing that in the unlikely event of any problem occurring with the trolley during the 2 year guarantee period Golfstream will sort it out quickly & efficiently.

I have found Golfstream an excellent company to deal with, all the staff I have had contact with have always been knowledgeable, efficient & friendly.

KT – Manchester


I recently had the misfortune of playing a round of golf with a friend of mine who owns a PK electric golf trolley.  My own is your new Vision trolley.  Apart from the age it took to get his trolley in the upright position and loaded with a bag (my Vision was ready in seconds) the noise throughout the round was frightening - I was nearly deaf by the 18th tee.  My own Vision is incredibly quiet, handled the hills and hollows with ease and in the delightful sunshine my screen could be read without the usual shielding with the hands and head tilting - much to the annoyance of my playing partner.

Folding it all down and putting it into the back of my car was a breeze - again done in seconds, my friend took considerably longer.  My belief is that PK do this deliberately to allow ones playing partner to get the drinks in......  Loving the new Vision, golf is so much more enjoyable now.

CAB – Hants


The Vision trolley is well engineered, with a single action which makes setting up and folding down so easy. I have been using the Vision for the last 6 weeks and have found it amazingly quiet and efficient, it looks stylish and is a real head turner. The screen is clear and bright even in the brightest sun light. To check the efficiency I completed, on one charge, two rounds (36 holes) with the 18 hole “Caddy Cell” Lithium battery. The Vision is great value for money and I’m sure will be a winner.

BW – Kent